How to Measure a Hammock Stand

Written By Matthew Cordero

Do you have a hammock but are unsure where you can hang it from? A hammock stand is a great way to hang your hammock either indoors or outdoors. But how do you measure its compatibility with your hammock?

Use a tape measure to measure the length of the hammock stand. It should be around 2 feet longer than your hammock length. If your hammock is 13 feet long, the hammock stand should be 15 feet long. Additionally, check the manufacturer’s weight rating as it should have adequate weight support.

hammock with stand

Measuring hammock stands are easy and straightforward. Read on below to learn more tips.

Measuring Your Hammock Stand

Hammock stands are the simplest solution to hanging your hammock anywhere.

They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 up to 15 feet in length. They are designed to accommodate a range of hammock sizes in the market too, but it’s important to ensure that the stand has the right dimensions for the hammock by measuring it.

What You’ll Need

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-   A measuring tape


Simply run the measuring tape across the length of the hammock stand to get its length. Hammock stands should be at least 2 feet longer than the actual hammock. However, if the stand is more than 2 feet longer than the hammock, attach chains at the end of the hammock to help it reach the stand’s ends.

It’s also important to make sure that the weight rating for the hammock and the stand match. If you would like a versatile hammock stand to accommodate different hammock sizes, you can buy adjustable hammock stands in the market.


For your comfort and safety while using a hammock stand, it’s essential to get the right measurements in place. Thankfully, doing so is simple and straightforward.