Best Hammock Bug Net (2022): Reviews & Comparison

Written By Matthew Cordero

Bugs and creepy crawlies can completely ruin a seemingly perfect afternoon (or night) of hanging out in your hammock and things only get 10 times worse if you’re on a hammock camping trip.




Foxelli XL Hammock Net

Foxelli XL Hammock Net

Wecamture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net

Wecamture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net

Pys Hammock Bug Net

Pys Hammock Bug Net

Chill Gorilla Defender Hammock Mosquito Net

Chill Gorilla Defender Hammock Mosquito Net

Unless you want to wake up and spend the rest of the day combating the maddening itchiness the bug bites bring or even worse, falling ill thanks to disease-carrying insects, get yourself a hammock bug net.

Sure, bug spray or bug repellants are extremely handy but the chemicals in these can turn out to be more harmful than helpful to you, especially with prolonged usage. Additionally, they can turn out to be harmful to the environment, which, needless to say, is never a good thing.

hammock at night

Not only do hammock bug nets keep you and the fliers and buzzers separate, but they’re environmentally friendly and can also keep the moisture away - a win-win all around.

Our Hammock Bug Net Reviews

Here’s our list of the 5 best hammock bug net, as well as a buying guide so that you know what to look for in hammock bug netting, should the need ever arise to pick one out for yourself.

The Top 5 Best Hammock Bug Nets for 2022 are:

  1. Foxelli XL Hammock Net
  2. Wecamture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net
  3. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net
  4. PYS Hammock Bug Net
  5. Chill Gorilla Defender Hammock Mosquito Net

Find out which is best for you in our full in-depth reviews below ...

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Foxelli XL Hammock Net

One of the top-rated hammock bug nets out there, the Foxelli XL Hammock Net is quite hard to beat when it comes down to value for money; you get a range of excellent features for under $35, a fraction of the price some of the other bug nets in the market, with fewer features.

From being lightweight to breathable to easy to set up, this product ticks all the right boxes on the "top hammock bug nets" list!

Foxelli XL Hammock Net



  • Dimensions: 12 x 4.4 feet
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Material: Heavy-duty super-fine mesh netting
  • 360 degree full-coverage
  • Net fits all sized hammocks including double hammocks
  • Dual-vertical zipper for easy access
  • Includes carrying bag for travel and storage


The Foxelli XL is one of the best in the market, offering 360-degree (or 100%) coverage that keeps you bite-free and safe in your hammock.

Despite the super-fine mesh netting, breathability and ventilation are assured and despite its lightweight nature that makes it super convenient to carry along on your hiking, hammock camping, or backpacking trip, this bug net can last you for quite the long run thanks to the heavy-duty fabric used.

Additionally, this bug net is much larger than the offerings from most competing brands, meaning that it can easily, comfortably, and spaciously cover double hammocks or one person lying diagonally in a single hammock. Its large size doesn’t render it unwieldy, though; the net is quite compactly designed and comes with a compression sack (9.8 x 11 inches) for storage and enhanced portability.

The hammock net also comes with an extra-long 25-foot ridgeline that ensures set up within seconds and a dual-sided vertical zipper that makes it easy to get in and out of the hammock.


  • Breathable despite the no-see-um netting
  • Lightweight yet durable thanks to the heavy-duty material and double-stitched seams
  • Comes with a 25-foot ridgeline that makes setup easy and a convenient double-sided zipper 


  • Some customers may find this bug net too large.


In short, the Foxelli XL Hammock Bug Net is a very reasonably-priced bug net - all the features of top bug nets in the market, available at a fraction of the cost!

This hammock net somehow manages to nail all the features that you look for in bug nets, despite some of them being contradictory (lightweight yet durable, breathable yet fine-meshed). Add to that the value for money received and you have a hammock net that’s well worth the investment.

Wecamture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net

If you’re looking for a net that fits within your budget as efficiently as it keeps the bugs away, you may not need to look further than the Wecamture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net. This super-lightweight net is all kinds of easy to use and affordable!

Wecamture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net



  • Dimensions: 11 x 4.6 feet
  • Weight: 6-8 ounces (shipping weight of 8.8 ounces)
  • Material: 100% polyester fiber no-see-um mesh netting
  • Fits all camping hammocks
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Convenient dual-sided diagonal zipper for easy access
  • 30-Day Guarantee


The Wecamture hammock net is both lightweight and efficient, and more! Easy to set up and use, this net, with its no-see-um netting, can keep bugs away like it’s nobody’s business with its 360-degree coverage; combined with its lightweight nature, this makes the net an excellent option for backpackers and travelers who like carrying their hammock nets along.

The hammock net, XL in size (though not as large as the aforementioned Foxelli, despite being the same size) is designed to fit all hammocks, including double hammocks. The net comes with a 20-foot ridgeline and speed clips, making set up a breeze.

The hammock also features a dual-sided diagonal zipper that lets you easily and conveniently get in and out of the hammock; the company even guarantees that the zipper quality is the best in the market! 

Additionally, Wecamture provides a 100% refund for broken parts or dissatisfaction with your purchase, if reported to them within 30 days of the purchase.


  • A very reasonably-priced product and a 30-day guarantee
  • No-see-um netting that ensures efficient bug protection and keeps the net super-lightweight
  • Comes with convenient accessories such as speed clips, a 20-foot ridgeline, and double-sided zippers


  • Not very durable


While the Wecamture has many things going for it, one of its major letdowns is its durability. Unfortunately, the makers aren’t able to balance out its lightweight nature and cheap price tag with its durability; the materials seem unable to withstand harsh treatment and are given to tearing, if not cared for extremely well and used cautiously.

Therefore, while this is a decent hammock for travelers and backpackers on a budget, it may not stand the test of intense expeditions and hardcore usage. If durability and strength are what you’re prioritizing among your hammock bug net’s features, you may want a stronger one that can safely and efficiently get you through your adventures.

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net

Who says you have to forego style when you’re hammock camping? One of the highest-rated and most popular hammock bug nets among campers, the Wise Owl Outfitters SnugNet adds more than a splash of style to camping trips! 

But it isn’t just about style with this bug net; you’re assured of a high-quality product, excellent customer service, and durability. Hardly a surprise, considering that this net comes from one of the most reputed brands in the industry.

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net



  • Dimensions: 11 x 4.5 feet
  • Weight: 20 ounces
  • Covers any size hammock
  • Durable double-sided zippers
  • Breathable and spacious allows you to lie diagonally


No exception to the quality that the family-owned and operated, US-based Wise Owl churns out, the SnugNet is great for everything from heavy-duty hiking to simple overnight hammock camping.

The net comes with a no-bug guarantee thanks to high-quality no-see-um mesh netting, keeping even the smallest bugs out while ensuring that your view remains unobstructed and more importantly, there’s ventilation, thanks to the brand’s clear view mesh technology. 

Durability is taken care of with reinforced seams and durable double-sided zippers; the double-sided zippers also ensure convenience while getting in and out of your hammock. At 11 feet, the bug net can accommodate a double hammock or a single hammock with a diagonally-placed occupant.

The net comes with a 30-foot ridgeline (the longest available) and durable clips, ensuring fast setup. The waterproof 210 nylon ripstop compression bag gets the net down to a super neat 4 x 5 inches and though it’s heavier than most other features on our list, it’s still relatively lightweight, at 20 ounces. 

Wise Owl also guarantees 100% satisfaction, making the deal sweeter.


  • Extremely durable, with reinforced seams and quality zippers
  • Can be compressed to a tiny size for convenient packing and storing with a super-efficient compression bag
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • At around 20-23 ounces, is one of the heaviest and bulkiest nets in the market -nearly double most other nets


Despite its cons, the Wise Owl SnugNet is one of the hardest to beat in the market; its pros more than make up for the single con we identified!

Spacious, high quality and durable, this no-see-um net comes at the same price as the Foxelli XL on our list and is just as great (if not better) an investment. A bug netting that we would totally recommend buying, whatever the intended purpose is!

PYS Hammock Bug Net

Like the Wecamture on our list, the PYS is another excellent budget pick, but unlike the Wecamture, it’s hard to fault! This bug net is a notch above other budget bug nets thanks to its ability to pack in all the features of higher-end hammock bug nets into its very affordable package, such as durability, ease of setup, and large size.

Pys Hammock Bug Net



  • Dimensions: 12 x 4.4 feet
  • Weight: Around 21 ounces
  • Material: 100% polyester no-see-um net
  • Largest hammock bug netting in the market
  • Two easy ways to hang
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


This PYS hammock bug net comes with a range of awesome features that belie its price. This product gives you 360-degree coverage with its 12 x 4.4 no-see-um mesh netting that’s quite durable thanks to a 100% polyester construction.

Additionally, the company continuously experiments to deliver users the best mesh structure that’s not only tough and resistant to deformation but also adjusts to any hammock and environment. 

Despite the superfine netting, breathability is assured. The net features a vertical zipper to easily get in and out of the hammock and works around mosquitos attacking you in the gaps by letting you cinch the ends and tightly close any gaps. 

The net is super easy to set up, thanks in part to its design and thanks in part to the included 30-foot ridgeline. One of the net’s biggest draws is the smart dual set-up system, which means that you can hang it up with the help of the included ridgeline but also hang it straight from hammock tree straps, thanks to the loops it features on either end.

Though the net is pretty large when unfolded, you can compress it into quite a tiny 6-inch square, thanks to the attached ripstop compression sack.


  • Extremely affordable yet excellent quality and performance
  • Well-designed; a clever system of dual setup, extremely spacious and features double zips
  • Easy to set up
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Being as large as it is, the net has quite a lot of material to handle. The material may droop and touch your skin more easily because of this, and the moment it does, you’re no longer protected against mosquitoes.
  • At 21 ounces, it’s still relatively heavier than other features on the list, despite being in the lightweight category. 


Given its many features and excellent features, you’d be easily forgiven for blindly investing in this hammock bug net and you’d hardly be the first - this net enjoys quite a bit of popularity and has its fair share of 5+ ratings on Amazon.

Unsurprising that it does, given its durability, superfine netting, easy setup, and basically, everything that defines a quality bug net - and under $25, all dirt cheap, making it definitely worthy of our whole-hearted approval!

Chill Gorilla Defender Hammock Mosquito Net

The Chill Gorilla Hammock Mosquito Net is the last (but in no way the least!) of our contenders, with all the features you’d look for in a great bug net - easy to set up, lightweight, no-see-um superfine netting, and portable.

Chill Gorilla Defender Hammock Mosquito Net



  • Dimensions: 11 x 4.25 feet
  • Weight: Around 20 ounces
  • Material: Superfine 950 no-see-um netting
  • Perfect 360 Degree protection from bugs
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comfortable diagonal lay
  • Fits all camping hammocks
  • Chill Gorilla warranty


The Defender takes its name quite seriously, providing 360-degree bug protection with its superfine 950 no-see-um netting. Compatible with all sizes and shapes of hammocks, this bug net is great for individual hammock users as well as families, with the ability to easily cover double hammocks.

Additionally, it’s US-made (and the brainchild of a former US Marine, no less), which will delight those who love all things true-blue American.

The hammock comes with smooth double zippers to easily get in and out of your hammock, with a fast and easy setup assured thanks to the included 16-foot ridgeline and clips.

It’s also adjustable on the ends to give you a good fit and when you add in the super-affordable price, there’s very little to fault with the net! The net also comes with a storage bag that you can fold and fit your net into, reducing it to a mere 4 x 5 inches. 

Whatever purpose you’re using your net for, this hammock net truly is “one size fits all.”


  • Good value for money
  • Excellent features such as vertical double zippers for easy entry and exit, and superfine 950 mesh netting
  • Simple to set up and easy to carry around 


  • There have been problems with the airflow, which makes the net problematic to use under hot and/ or humid conditions. 


With the Defender, you’re assured of high quality, almost faultless performance, and great value for your money. The net, despite being in the lower price range, efficiently fulfills its duties and if not for the airflow problem, would have been quite close to perfection.

If you’re not going to be using the net in humid conditions, it’s a great buy; if not, looking for an alternative may be a wise thing to do.

What Is a Hammock Bug Net? 

A hammock bug net, as the name implies, is a net that acts as a wall between you and bugs. There are two types of hammock bug nets - a built-in bug net and standalone bug nets.

Mesh Fabric

Built-In Hammock Bug Nets 

Hammocks with bug nets that already come attached fall into the built-in hammock bug net category. These hammocks with built-in nets are like cocoons; there’s usually a zipper at the top of the net so that you can lie in your hammock and reach up and zip yourself in.

These are extremely convenient as you don’t have to go through the effort and inconvenience of setting up a net or risk letting in an unwanted guest every time you lift up the net to get in and out of your hammock. 

However, bugs can still attack you from underneath as there’s generally no netting on the underside of such hammocks; mosquitoes can easily get to you through the hammock’s fabric.

Additionally, if you ever want to just use your hammock casually for an afternoon of lazing about in your backyard, the net can get quite frustrating to handle; you’ll have to lie on it if you want no barriers between you and Mother Nature, but this means that you may risk the net by doing so.

Separate Bug Net for Hammocks 

Standalone or separate hammock mosquito nets, as the name suggests, are separate nets that you can use with your hammock.

Agreed; these are less convenient as they require additional “setting up” effort but they more than make up for this with the complete protection that they provide. These nets encompass your hammock (and thereby, you) on all sides ensuring that no bugs get in. 

Additionally, you can use your hammock as just a hammock till it’s absolutely necessary to pull out the net.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Hammock Bug Nets

Camping Under the Stars

Coverage Provided 

Hammock bug nets, like hammocks, come in a range of sizes, from three feet to 11 feet. When getting yourself a hammock bug netting, consider whether or not you want your net to fit your hammock like a glove, or whether you’d like some additional space; just ensure that the net isn’t too small for your hammock.  

It’s always a good idea to get a hammock net that’s slightly bigger, for those times when you want to completely stretch out in your hammock - you don’t want your feet poking out and providing nourishment to mosquitoes through the night. Additionally, if you have a double hammock, buy a net that is large enough and wide enough to fit two hammocks.

Type of Fabric Used 

Generally, hammock bug nets are made using polyester or nylon taffeta; some companies use innovative trademarked fabric, such as Kammok’s Dragonet. Depending on the fabric, you’ll be paying as little as $30 or a relatively higher price of $70. 

The following factors also comprise the fabric used to make the hammock bug net.

Mesh or No-See-Um Netting 

The size of the bugs that inhabit the area you’re going to set up camp in influence whether you get a mesh or no-see-um hammock bug netting; the former has slightly bigger holes than the latter, which is designed to keep away extremely tiny insects such as no-see-ums.

If you’re only worried about flies and mosquitoes, a larger mesh will work just fine but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why we recommend getting a finer mesh. However, bear in mind that fine mesh will distort or obscure your view, whereas a larger mesh won’t.

Additionally, the latter provides more breathability than the former as it will allow more breeze to blow through; a fine mesh will definitely keep out the insects but it will also keep out the wind and keep in the heat and humidity, especially in warmer climes.

If your budget allows it, get both and use the no-see-um netting only for the night, when it’s cool, and a mosquito netting for the day, when it’s much warmer.  

Weight of the Net 

Nets come in a range of weights and strengths; the type of fabric and the kind of netting will also influence the weight of the net, to an extent. Generally, the heavier the net, the longer it will probably last and the more resistant to tears it will (one of the most important things you need your bug net to be). 

However, if you’re going to be carrying your hammock bug netting along a lot, especially on hikes, hammock camping trips, and backpacking, you may want to settle for something lighter so that your net doesn’t add significantly to the baggage you’re already carrying.

If you’re going in for a heavier net (which is recommended), buy one that comes with a compression bag; though this won’t make the bag less heavy, it’ll save space in your luggage.

Treated vs Non-Treated

Some hammock mosquito nets come pre-treated with permethrin, a kryptonite chemical that’s safe for humans but is lethal to bugs. Though you’ll end up paying quite a tidy sum for such nets, they’re an almost foolproof way to keep away the bugs.

With a pre-treated net, you don’t even have to worry if you have to get in and out of your hammock multiple times; the bugs can’t sneak in thanks to the permethrin. 

If your budget doesn’t allow a pre-treated net, don’t worry! You can always purchase permethrin separately and treat an untreated net on your own, too.

Ease of Setting Up 

You want a net that’s easy to set up; after all, you don’t want to spend ages putting up a net to protect yourself, getting attacked by insects while doing so, and get under the net after the insects have already had more than their fill.

A little bit counterproductive, we think! This is where the decision of buying a built-in or standalone net comes to the fore. As mentioned, built-in nets don’t take set-up time, whereas standalone nets take quite a bit of time to set up.

Girl Holding a Camera Outdoors

Other Factors 

Some other factors to consider are:

  • What accessories come with the net, to enhance its functionality (such as carabiners, ridgelines, and compression sacks) as well as what you may need to buy separately to enhance its functionality, such as ropes and spreader poles
  • The color of the net; dark colors absorb more heat
  • The price you’re paying for the quality you’re getting; hammocks can range from $25 to $125


Hammock bug nets are really handy to have around but only if they’re effectively and efficiently fulfilling their purpose! Though bugs are as much a part of Mother Nature as humans are, they can be quite annoying to deal with and in the worst-case scenario, extremely dangerous.

Waking up with really itchy rashes can completely kill your camping trip and waking up sick will definitely kill your hammock camping fun!

Bug sprays and repellents are not always the best or healthiest options to use, so consider investing in a the best bug net, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time camping, hiking, or just sleeping outdoors for the love of it!

For a budget pick, consider the PYS hammock bug net; if you don’t mind shelling out around $10 more, consider investing in the Wise Owl SnugNet.

Of course, it ultimately boils down to your preferences, so if you find that none of our picks satisfy you, turn to our buying guide to help you pick out the net of your choice!