How to Measure a Hammock

Written By Matthew Cordero

It’s important to know the measurements of a hammock in order to use it correctly. However, many people don’t know how to measure a hammock correctly.

Lay the hammock flat on the floor. Use a measuring tape to get the hammock length, excluding any rope or suspension straps. Next, measure the width by going from left to right. That’s all it takes to measure the dimensions of a hammock.

measuring tape

Measuring a hammock is fairly simple. Read on below to understand the steps involved in detail.

How Are Hammocks Measured?

It only takes a few minutes to measure the length and width of a hammock.

What You’ll Need

A measuring tape is all you will need for accurately measuring a hammock. Here are some high quality measuring tapes that you can order from Amazon:


  1. Lay the hammock down flat on either a table or the floor.
  2. Measure the hammock length from top to bottom using the measuring tape, excluding the rope or suspension straps.
  3. Measure the width by going from left to right.

Now, you have the measurements of your hammock.


With your hammock measurements in mind, you now know how and where to hang your hammock. Enjoy relaxing on it!