How To Make a Hammock Ridgeline

Written By Matthew Cordero

A good hammock ridgeline comes in handy for installing a tarp, rain fly, or extra storage if you need it while camping. However, many campers are unsure about the right steps for making a hammock ridgeline.

The first step in making a ridgeline is measuring the distance between two trees where you will be hanging your hammock and adding some extra length for allowance. It’s better to have longer rope than shorter.

hammock with ridgeline

For a more detailed understanding of making a hammock ridgeline, read up on the guide below.

How Do You Make a Hammock Ridgeline

Learning how to make a hammock ridgeline has many benefits for campers. It might take some trial and error but once you get it right, you’ll be amazed at how convenient it is.

What You’ll Need

You will only need two things to make a hammock ridgeline: a 550 paracord rope and measuring tape. 

-   550 Paracord is the ideal type of rope for making a ridgeline. Durable versions that are perfect for hammock camping can be found on Amazon:

-   Measuring tape will be necessary for getting the distance between two trees or poles from where you will be hanging your hammock. These affordable measuring tapes can be found on Amazon:


These are the steps necessary to make a hammock ridgeline correctly:

  1. Measure the distance between two poles or trees where you will be hanging your hammock, and add some extra length for allowance. It’s better to have longer rope than shorter, though 25 feet is an ideal starting point for most situations. Set the cut rope aside.
  2. Cut two extra pieces of paracord around 18 to 24 inches long. These will be used for tying knots later on.
  3. Tie a bowline knot on one end of the 25-foot paracord. Click on this link to see a video tutorial on how to make a bowline knot. Place the cord around one tree and thread the free end through the bowline knot loop, and pull it so that it’s tightly sealed.
  4. Take the non-knotted end on the other tree, then tie a taut-line hitch around it. Click on this link for a video tutorial on making a taut-line hitch, then make it as tight as you possibly can.
  5. Get the two 18-inch paracord pieces and tie two prusik knots with them on each end of the ridgeline. Here’s a video tutorial on tying a prusik knot. Now you will have two paracord strands for each of the prusik knots.
  6. Use the prusik knots to tie the tarp onto your ridgeline.

That’s all it takes to make a hammock ridgeline.


With the right rope and some practice, making a hammock ridgeline is quick and easy. You can then enjoy the benefits of using hammock ridgelines for suspending tarps or a rain fly above your hammock for added protection.