ENO Doublenest Hammock Review

Written By Matthew Cordero

Camping and trekking are some of the most pleasurable ways to spend time in the outdoors. These activities give you a chance to connect with nature as well as your travel companions. And while sleeping in a tent is fun, many of us just prefer the comfort that comes with sleeping in a hammock.

That’s why hammocks have become the favorite travel accessory for outdoor enthusiasts. When you’ve got a high-quality hammock that’s easy to use, you can prop it up between two trees, and you’re set for a night of comfortable sleep.

ENO Doublenest Hammock

Source: eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com

If you’ve been on the lookout for a cozy hammock that you can take with you on your outdoor adventures, we recommend checking out the ENO Doublenest Hammock.

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) is a brand that specializes in hammocks. Through the years, they have become a household name among outdoor lovers, hikers, and hammock enthusiasts. 

In fact, ENO is said to have contributed significantly to the growth of hammock culture. So you can be sure that this is a brand that truly knows hammocks. They are responsible for pioneering the world’s first hammock suspension system, too!

ENO Doublenest Hammock is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality hammocks. It’s the most popular item in the ENO line and for good reason.

This hammock, just like others that they make, is also eco-friendly in more ways than one. They give back a portion of their sales to social and environmental causes, they plant two trees for each hammock sold and integrate tree-friendly strap designs to reduce the impact on trees.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to buy this hammock, read on.

ENO Doublenest Hammock is spacious for one, but can comfortably accommodate up to two people. Do you prefer enjoying the outdoors with your pooch? No problem – you can both fit comfortably within the hammock. 

Travel is easy thanks to efficient compression; once you’re ready to use it, just take it out of your bag and it only requires a few seconds only to set it up. Even if you’ve never used a hammock before, there’s no need to worry because you don’t need to tie knots.

ENO Doublenest Hammock is just so easy and simple to use for people of all ages.

Designed using heavy-duty triple stitched seams that can carry up to 400 pounds, this is one of the most durable hammocks around. Throw in the aluminum wire gate carabiners, stainless steel snap links, nautical grade line, and you’ve got everything you need for safe, secure sleep. 

Use ENO Doublenest Hammock on trees as well as poles, the wall, and boat masts. Whether you enjoy traveling at sea, on land, or both, it’s versatile enough to be used in a variety of environments.

Its soft and breathable Tenacity Nylon material also dries quickly, which is always a bonus when you travel to destinations with unpredictable weather.

The hammock already comes with an attached compression sack which you can easily stuff into your hiking backpack – and it doesn’t take up much space at all. It also comes with a built-in bag and clip for hassle-free travel.

And here’s some good news for first-time hammock users: ENO Doublenest Hammock is so easy to use, that you can set it up within seconds without having to tie knots.


  • Dimensions: 9 x 6’6 inches
  • Packed dimensions: 4 x 5.5 inches
  • Capacity: 400lbs
  • Weight: 19 ounces
  • Material: 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta

Insider Thoughts

ENO Doublenest Hammock is loved by outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. However, we wanted to understand what customers thought of this hammock after they purchased it. We were curious about many aspects of the product, so we turned to online reviews and dug a little deeper.

We found that customers appreciate how spacious it is since it can comfortably fit people of various shapes and sizes. In most cases, it can even fit up to 2 people, or one person and their dog. Considering how lightweight this hammock is, it can surely save on space and we all know that backpack real estate is critical for a safe, successful journey.

People also commented on how well they slept in the ENO Doublenest Hammock. If you’ve never slept in a hammock before, you might be surprised at how well you can actually sleep in one, especially if it’s this hammock.

However, some people were disappointed at how easily this hammock ripped up in the middle even when it wasn’t used. Due to the number of reviews complaining about the rips, we recommend checking out ENO’s warranty if you decide to purchase this hammock.

Some customers also said that the seams on the hammock edges were uncomfortable and that this hammock can’t be used near a heat source. Given all of this feedback, we understand why some people may be hesitant to purchase this hammock even if there are many positive reviews. 

Design and quality have clearly been well thought-out for this make because when you sleep on a hammock, it simply is not an option to fall down. That’s why there are so many thoughtful features including aluminum wire gate carabiners, stainless steel snap links, and nautical grade lines. 

However, based on customer feedback, it is quite clear that purchasing ENO Doublenest Hammock can be a gamble: you’ll either get a hammock you’ll love, or you risk it breaking pretty easily. Not only would this be disappointing and an inconvenience but it also means money wasted.


  • Spacious for people of various sizes can fit up to 2
  • Sleep is comfortable 
  • Lightweight and perfect for travel


  • Seams on edges may be uncomfortable to some
  • Tends to split in the middle
  • Can’t be used near a heat source

Who's This For?

The ENO Doublenest Hammock is so versatile that it can be used by almost anyone.

If you hike, trek, and camp a lot, this hammock is a must-have. Since it’s so lightweight and easy to pack, adding it to your hiking gear wouldn’t make a dent on your weight. It also comes in just the right size to be used by both kids and adults. 

They come in a wide range of colors so no matter what your outdoor style is, there is an ENO Doublenest Hammock out there for you.

But even if you don’t camp or venture too far, you can still make use of this hammock. Simply set it up on your porch, or in between two poles, and you’re ready for a night of comfortable sleep outdoors.  

Whether you’re an avid adventurer or not, this hammock is versatile enough to be used in or outside of your home. If good sleep is important to you then this is a product that you should invest in. 

Best of all, if using ethically-sourced and environmentally-friendly products is important to you, ENO is one of the few brands that you can truly trust.

Where To Buy

ENO Doublenest Hammock is available in several outdoor specialty shops. However, if you want a quick and easy transaction as well as reliable delivery, you may want to check it out on Amazon since ENO has a shop on the site, where they sell this hammock at the best price around.

ENO suspension straps are a great accessory to the hammock but do keep in mind that it’s sold separately.

Final Verdict

The ENO Doublenest Hammock has a loyal following among outdoor and camping enthusiasts. While it may not be the most inexpensive option among similar models, if you’re willing to invest in it, you’ll be pleased with how well you can sleep on this hammock virtually anywhere you are.

While many customers were pleased with the overall quality and durability of ENO Doublenest Hammock, it’s difficult to disregard the few who experienced falling through the hammock or seeing a tear even when it was not used. 

Having said that, we would only recommend buying the ENO Doublenest Hammock if you don’t mind traveling around with a spare hammock for emergency purposes just in case this happens. That’s also helpful if money is not an issue for you. 

If you are on the lookout for a cheaper yet more durable hammock, there are other models that may be better for you.

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