Honest Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Written By Matthew Cordero

Over the years, hammocks have become a favorite hangout gear for many. It's excellent for traveling, camping, and backpacking. Hammocks usually come in different colors, and seeing them hanging between trees is becoming more popular nowadays.

HONEST OUTFITTERS Double Camping Hammock

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There are many great reasons for getting yourself a hammock. For some, it is the ultimate chill-out spot. Neuroscientists have proven that hammocks promote deep, restful sleep, specifically for short periods of time. If you're thinking of getting a hammock, what could you possibly need to consider before buying it?

In choosing the best hammock, you must look at the hanging type, weight capacity, material, and special features. If you are looking for a high-quality hammock at an affordable price, you might want to consider Honest Outfitters hammock.

Honest Outfitters is an e-commerce company that provides the best camping hammock and other products that are beautifully designed and are easy to use. Loaded with impressive features, their products boast of some fantastic ratings on Amazon.

Compare to the other hammocks, the Double Camping Hammock from Honest Outfitters is exceptionally soft and comfortable. It is made of super-strong 210T parachute nylon material that is soft and breathable. This mildew-resistant nylon cloth will last for a long lifetime.

Honest Outfitters have also employed high-grade nylon triple interlocked stitches to maximize hammock strength for your ultimate safety. 

In addition, the double camping hammock from Honest Outfitters can be set up fast and easy! The package includes a double camping hammock, two hammock straps that is 10 feet, and two solid steel carabiners for easy setup. It will take less than three minutes to hang your camping hammock on a tree or nearby objects using the hammock straps. An integrated stuff sack makes packing up fast and simple.


  • Dimensions: 78 inches width and 118 inches length
  • Capacity: 500lbs
  • Weight:  1.5 lbs
  • Material: 210T parachute nylon material
  • Easy to set up
  • Package includes straps and carabiners

Insider Thoughts

Ninety percent of the customers loved the Double Camping Hammock from Honest Outfitters. Since we are curious about what they say of this hammock after purchasing, we checked different online reviews to understand what customers thought of this hammock. 

HONEST OUTFITTERS Double Camping Hammock Details

Source: ebay.com

Many customers from Amazon love the excellent quality and how super comfy it is. The straps are sturdy, which makes it really easy to use and hang up. It also folds up easily into the attached pocket/ pouch. 

According to others, as far as durability is concerned, it is evident that the seaming is very well done, and the fabric is excellent. The carabiners also feel sturdy, and customers appreciate that they were designed to avoid catching on things. It goes quickly around the tree and, with the multiple loops, make adjusting the hammock to the perfect height and tension between the two trees incredibly easy. 

When it comes to storage, both single and double hammocks fold into the pouches that hang on the side of the hammock, but only the Honest Outfitters bag has the adjustable clasp that makes the bag smaller. The other hammock usually just goes into the bag, which is then cinched.

For the price, people found Honest Outfitters to have the best price to average rating ratio on Amazon, and after trying it out for three days of camping, moving it several times. The hammock feels like quality material and definitely matches other brands for a much better price.

Lying in the hammock is incredibly comfortable, but for some, two people in the double hammock tend to be a little uncomfortable laying lengthwise, like the sides are a bit too tall and steep, and it's almost like they are laying onto of each other. However, it is still more extensive than single hammock. The double also comes with the looped straps, and the single doesn't, so that's nice as well when buying the double. 

The fact that they include tree straps also means a larger compression sack, which is a definite plus. A negative thing that one buyer notices is the clip on the compressor strap isn't very secure.

The downside that people found in this hammock is that there are no hanging instructions as well and that the fabric isn't waterproof.

Overall, a lot of people love this hammock. Customers are satisfied with the product, and many of them would recommend the brand to anyone who may ask for advice. It's excellent quality and affordable.


  • Large and comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to seet up
  • It can be packed in a backpack easily.


  • The fabric is not waterproof.
  • The stitching can be problematic when wet.
  • Carabiners are made of steel, which is heavier than aluminum.

Who's This For?

Choosing a hammock can be quite tricky for someone who has limited knowledge of them. The Honest Outfitters Double Camping Hammock is so versatile, and almost anyone can use it! It's great for adults, kids, people who travel, and tent campers.

Even if you don't camp or venture too far, you can still make use of this hammock by setting it up on your patio. You will have everything you need for quick and easy hanging setup. Wherever you decide to hang, this double camping hammock sets up quickly. It will take less than three minutes to hang your camping hammock on a tree or nearby objects using the rope.

Where To Buy

The Honest Outfitters Double Camping Hammock is available in many outdoor and travel specialty shops. But, if you want a quick and easy transaction, you may want to check it out on Amazon, where they sell it at the best price. The package includes a hammock tree straps and a portable Parachute Nylon Hammock for backpacking. 

Amazon is always one of the best places to buy most products. However, even if Amazon is not the most popular E-Commerce website in your country, it's usually still one of the best places to buy most products, including hammocks. The delivery is reliable!

Final Verdict

The Honest Outfitters Double Camping Hammock with hammock tree Straps and portable Parachute Nylon Hammock is compact enough for backpacking, hiking, camping, or traveling. It will give the adventurous camping fun and safe, lightweight camping experience without having to break the bank.

At under $30, this is one of the least expensive double camping hammocks available. There are also several fun colors to choose from if you're into swinging in style!

Keep in mind, however, that for as much value as you do get that the hammock is not waterproof and the material stitching can start to fray a bit under pressure. The carabineers are also made of steel, which adds some weight to your pack. Overall this is an excellent starter hammock or backup.

The Honest Outfitters guarantees 100 satisfaction, so if for some reason you don't love the product, you can always ask for a refund. This camping hammock is ideal for everyone, from kids to adults, and comes with almost everything you need.

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