How to Safely Get in and Out of a Hammock

Written By Matthew Cordero

Laying on a hammock is a comfortable way to relax, but oftentimes, getting in and out of it can be challenging. In some cases, it can even result in a fall. Because of this, many people wonder what’s the safest way to enter and exit a hammock.

The safest way to get into a hammock is to stand with the center of the hammock directly behind you. Spread the hammock out then ease your way sitting down into the hammock’s right side. To get down, move your buttocks to one side and from there, swing your legs out, put your feet on the ground.

man getting into hammock

There are other considerations to understand in order to get in and out of a hammock safely. Read on below to learn more.

How to Get Into and Out of a Hammock

Knowing how to safely get in and out of a hammock is an important aspect of hammock safety.

Here are the steps to know so that it’s easy to get in and out of hammock, in detail:

Getting In

  1. 1
    Stand in front, with the center of the hammock’s right side behind you.
  2. 2
    Use your hands to spread the hammock out, so that there is enough space when you land.
  3. 3
    Sit down gently on the hammock.
  4. 4
    Hold the left side of the hammock with your left hand, and the right side of the hammock with your right.
  5. 5
    Pivot your body and swing your legs in to lie down inside the hammock.

Getting Out

  1. 1
    Hold the hammock material with one hand on each side.
  2. 2
    Move your buttocks to the same side you got in from.
  3. 3
    Swing your legs outside so that you are facing one side out of the hammock.
  4. 4
    Put your feet firmly on the ground.
  5. 5
    Bend forward with a 45-degree angle, and slowly get up into standing position.

If your hammock has a spreader bar, it can make getting in considerably simpler and quicker. That’s because spreader bars are beneficial in ensuring the hammock is properly taut, so there is no need to spread the hammock out yourself before you get in. The steps to get out of a hammock with a spreader bar would be the same as one without.  

Other Tips to Remember

  • Always enter and exit the hammock slowly.
  • If you have a double hammock and will be two users, get in and out one at a time, with caution and slowly.
  • It’s important to check your clothing for attachments such as buckles, Velcro, or buttons which can cause an obstruction if you are trying to get in or out of a woven hammock.

While on the topic of getting in and out of hammocks safely, it should be pointed out that how well a hammock is set up also plays an important role. Here’s what you need to know about setting up your hammock to ensure entry and exit is safe and easy:

  1. 1
    Choose the right place to set up a hammock. It’s best to be away from water sources if you’re in the great outdoors, though it also helps to inspect the area where you wish to set up your hammock for rocks or loose earth that could cause you to trip or slide as you enter or exit.
  2. 2
    Always use wide straps and hang your hammocks on healthy trees. Narrow, unstable straps can cause you to fall as you try to get in or out of the hammock – or even while you are using it.
  3. 3Hang your hammock at the right height . Hammocks should always be hung around 18 inches above ground with you inside it, while the hammock should have a 30-degreee angle between the ground and the straps.

What Is the Easiest Hammock to Get in and Out Of?

Hammocks with spreader bars are the simplest for safe entry and exit. Here are some excellent models that you can purchase from Amazon:

-   KingCamp Double Portable Camping Hammock
-   Patio Watcher Quick Dry Hammock
-   Suncreat Portable Folding Hammock with Curved Bamboo Spreader Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hammocks are the easiest to get in and out of? 

Many people tend to have difficulty getting in and out of a gathered end hammock, even though they are the most common type.

Gathered end hammocks are an umbrella term that refer to many different types of hammocks such as Brazilian, Mayan, Colombian, quilted, and camping hammocks. They are characterized by the single material that makes up the hammock, each end of which is bunched up together to resemble the shape of a banana.

Gathered end hammocks are made from either synthetic material such as polyester or nylon, or cotton. However, they can be harder to learn how to get in and out safely from.

But with some practice, entry and exit from a gathered end hammock shouldn’t be a problem as they are widely used all over the world today, as long as you set it up properly.

On the other hand, hammocks with spreader bars tend to be much easier to get in and out of. The spreader bars are located on each end, designed to keep the hammock open. The presence of spreader bars makes entry and exit much easier as long as the hammock has been set up correctly.

What do you do if you can’t get out of a hammock?

The most important thing to keep in mind if you find yourself stuck in a hammock, is to get your body to pivot to one side slowly.

You can use your hands to clasp each side of the hammock to give yourself more stability, then use your lower body to pivot your legs to one side. Once you have done so, swing your feet outside the hammock and slowly jump off.