How To Hang a Hammock With Ratchet Straps

Written By Matthew Cordero

In some cases, hammocks come with straps that are too short or too long for our needs. When this happens, it’s time to get creative with other ways of hanging a hammock – such as by using ratchet straps. But many people wonder, how exactly do you use ratchet straps to hang a hammock?

Loop the buckled end of the ratchet strap at head height around a tree. Put the free strap through the buckle and pull it until it’s securely wrapped on a tree. Tie a knot on the free end of the strap to make a bight loop, and then attach the bight to a carabiner.

Ratchet Strap

Learning how to hang a hammock using ratchet straps is easy. Check out the step-by-step guide below.

Hanging a Hammock With Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are one of the most versatile and useful accessories especially for those who love the outdoors.

These affordable tools will go a long way with many outdoor activities especially hammock camping. While most hammocks already come with straps to tie them with, in some cases, they just aren’t the right length – and that’s where ratchet straps come in.

What you’ll need

-    A pair of ratchet straps

Ratchet straps, also known as tie down straps,  are a versatile tool for hammock camping. These can be used as long or short as you need for hanging your hammock. Below are highly recommended ratchet straps that are found on Amazon:

-    Carabiner

A durable carabiner is essential for securing the ratchet strap to your hammock. Amazon has excellent carabiners for this purpose, listed below:


These are the steps you’ll need to hang the hammock using ratchet straps:

  1. Take the buckled ratchet strap and wrap it around a tree (or pole) in a height as high as your head.
  2. Take the free strap and put it through the buckle; give it a good pull to ensure that it’s tightly wrapped around the tree.
  3. On the free end of the strap, tie a simple knot which will give you a bight loop. 
  4. Attach the bight loop to the carabiner of your hammock.
  5. Get on the hammock, and relax.


Using ratchet straps is an excellent alternative to hammock or nylon straps. With these easy steps, you can easily attach your hammock and adjust the height anywhere you go.