How Do You Untangle a Hammock?

Written By Matthew Cordero

When unpacking or setting up a hammock, it’s common for tangling to occur. But what’s the right way to untangle a hammock?

Hammocks tend to tangle up when the eyelet on the suspension loop found on each end rotates on its axis. Open the hammock and use a rotational movement to unravel the hammock, or passing the eyelet through the net until it’s untangled.

Knowing how to untangle a hammock correctly will ensure you get to relax on it in no time. Read on below to learn more.

tangled hammock

How to Untangle a Hammock

Discovering that your hammock is tangled up can make setup more challenging. However, it isn’t impossible to fix.

Oftentimes, the eyelet or loop gets caught up in the net and the rope while it’s being packed. This commonly occurs with net and Mexican hammocks.

Here’s what you need to do to untangle a hammock:

  1. Open the hammock as wide as possible. This will enable you to more efficiently see the tangled area.
  2. Hold the eyelet or loop on the tangled side.
  3. Rotate the eyelet on its axis to unravel it.
  4. Pass the eyelet through the net or ropes as many times as needed until it has untangled.

Always work with your hand on the eyelet instead of the body when untangling a hammock.

The same rules apply with all net and rope type hammocks.

How Do You Prevent Hammocks From Tangling?

Properly storing your hammock after each use is essential to prevent it from tangling.

Once it’s time to pack up, use a rope or large rubber band to prevent the strings from tangling up. Alternatively, you can hold the eyelet and tie each end into a simple knot. Keeping your hammocks this way will help you avoid a jumbled up hammock when you use it next time.


The right technique mentioned here will help you untangle a net, rope, and Mexican hammock. Next time, avoid tangling by packing it up correctly.