ENO Sub7 Hammock Review

Written By Matthew Cordero

Camping is a recreational activity that enables us to interact with nature, friends, and family. It is a convenient option that allows us to enjoy sweet sleep outside our homes. If you want this great experience while camping, you can choose to carry with you a quality hammock.

ENO Sub7 Hammock

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The hammock is a piece of equipment suspended between two trees for relaxing experience and maximum comfort and sleep. Hammock has dramatically changed the face of camping, as many campers and hikers choose to pack one before going for an afternoon adventure.

The majority of hikers have replaced their tent with a hammock as their nighttime shelter. It is because the hammock is lightweight and compact, thereby making it easy to carry. These products come in different models, and ENO Sub7 hammock might be one of the fine options for the occasion.

ENO has worked competitively to be the leading manufacturer of hammocks and outdoor accessories.  The company offers hikers and travelers the highest quality leisure items for adventure. ENO Sub7 hammock is one of the products that have pushed the boundaries of the company even further because of its improved quality and demand.

A product from ENO has never been tough to set up, and it is not different with Sub7. For a complete setup, you can clock around one minute 20 seconds, making it easier even for first-time users. It features carabiners that quickly clip into the suspension straps with a handy tag that tells you where to loop them in. The loop points are smaller in size so that it can hold well the carabiners.

Do you worry about weight? Don't worry more because ENO has put together their lightest weight options, which ensures that your whole shelter system only weighs 6.5 oz for some serious comfort. The Sub7 hammock is the lightest hammock offered by the company.

It is built from an unusually thin sheet of ripstop Taffeta nylon, which supports up to 300 Ibs. With a supporting weight of 300 Ibs, it means that you can relax on the Sub7 together with your kid, even though not recommended. The Sub7 is only comfortable and spacious for a single person.  

Another perfect way to shave off a little more weight in your pocket is the Helious Suspension System. The suspension system beautifully matches the Sub7’s streamlined simplicity and makes it a lightweight package. Helios suspension system uses two straps and a friction mechanism to adjust and give you the ability to fine-tune your pitch.

The ENO Sub7 comes with their pack bag attached to the hammock, so you never lose it. It folds up to be compact enough to fit into a day pack, but it will take up a reasonable amount of room. If you want to achieve your adventure at any time, it might be an appropriate option.

Hikers, hammock enthusiasts, and outdoor lovers have a reason to smile if they are looking for a durable hammock. This sub7 is durable since it is made from ripstop taffeta nylon material. The material is known to be dependable, reliable, and durable. 

The product is versatile and ideal for multiple uses. This single occupancy product is built to provide separate accommodation in a secure and private place. It encourages privacy since it will be fully enclosed, and individual shelter is considered. It is made with walls that tightly tuck up the quilt, and you will not get worried about it falling off at your back.


  • Weight: 6.5 ounces
  • Capacity: 300 Ibs
  • Folded dimensions: 4 by 4 inches
  • Unfolded dimensions: (L x W) 8' 9" x 3' 11"
  • Material: ripstop nylon taffeta
  • Sleeping capacity: one person

Insider Thoughts

ENO Sub7 hammock is one of the products cherished by many people who love outdoor recreational activities. We realized this after going through different online reviews and opinions of other users whom we contacted. The majority of them praised the product for various reasons. 

ENO Sub7 Hammock Packed

Source: eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com

One user said that this hammock is a dream comes true. It is so lightweight, and when he first got into the Sub7, it felt like it would not carry him. But when he realized that it was not going to break, it was perfect. You have to trust the system design that was naturally made to hold you in place.

The affordability of the product is another thing that was discussed. People appreciate the value the product offers for their money, and most of them are giving it a try. Others said that they would purchase the product again because it is easy to set up along with the Helios straps that can tie firmly to facilitate a comfortable sleep.

Individuals going on an afternoon hike can easily throw the hammock and some straps in their backpack, which is not noticeable. The Sub7 hammock is small enough that it could fit into your pocket, compared to traditional sized hammocks. Someone can have the lightest sleeping solution possible on long trips.

Some individuals argued that they prefer to use the product again because it leaves no trace. Since it is suspended above the ground, tracing the campsite is not easy. Also, you do not have to clear the twigs, rocks, or any other obstacle, leaving the site in good condition. 

Unfortunately, others argued that by saving so much space and weight, the Sub7 is not comfortable with taller people.  It is both shorter and narrower compared to regular sized hammocks. The compact size of the product does not offer space to stretch out, so it can be hard to get into the perfect diagonal sleeping position. 


  • Super lightweight
  • Sleek, durable and efficient to set up
  • Cost-effective


  • Not comfortable for tall people
  • Cannot be used next to the heat source

Who’s This For?

Considering that the hammock is versatile, it is easy to be used by any person who loves outdoor recreational activities. You can proudly use the product when planning adventures such as running, camping, trekking, cycling, or hiking.

It is easy to pack, lightweight, and comfortable, which gives a substantial reason as to why you may use it for nearly every adventure. The design of the equipment also makes it convenient. It looks appealing, and anybody can desire to use it at any given place. 

Also, the product can be set up much faster and efficiently, compared to traditional hammocks. Once you have identified the right spot, it will take you only a few minutes to get your structure up, and you are not going to worry about pounding stakes. It, therefore, makes it convenient at any camping or hiking site.

Whether planning to spend a night out, among the trees in the wild or under the sun in the garden, you can rely on the ENO Sub7 hammock for optimum comfort and durability.

Where To Buy

The product is available in different stores and shops, both physical and online. Amazon is preferred because it has a great pickup time, and within a short time after placing an order, your product will be delivered. 

Final Verdict

Camping hammocks are pretty versatile equipment that can be used as shelters during nighttime or as a rain cover. As we have seen, these products act as a comfortable bed where you can have a nice sleep.

ENO Sub7 is an ideal product for backpacking and thru-hikes trips. Individuals who fancy adventures can now have an opportunity to use this product, considering its compact size and lightweight mechanism. We have found that it is the smallest product ever made by ENO hammock manufacturer. 

While most of the users are impressed with the quality of the product, it is essential to note that others complained about its quality. We noted that one user said that the item broke down before being suspended between trees. Unfortunately, this might be an accident as recorded.

Considering everything discussed above, you are advised to buy the product if you are looking for a compact and lightweight hammock for your adventure. It is also versatile, which makes it useful.

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