Do I Need an Underquilt for My Hammock in Summer?

Written By Matthew Cordero

Underquilts are a useful hammock camping accessory for retaining body heat. However, will you be needing one during the summer?

Depending on where you will be camping, underquilts are best used for temperatures under 65F. When it’s 70F and above, most people will be just fine without the need for an underquilt. But if your sleeping bag doesn't offer any insulation, you may still benefit from using an underquilt in summer.

Read on below to take a deeper look into whether you should use an underquilt in the summer or not.

Is an Underquilt Needed in Summer?

Underquilts have become one of the most popular hammock camping accessories.

Its primary purpose is to provide insulation while preventing heat loss during cold temperatures, enabling you to sleep with more warmth and comfort. This leads many people to wonder if an underquilt is necessary for the summer.

Generally speaking, underquilts aren’t necessary when the temperatures are 70F and above even on summer nights. On the other hand, when it’s 65F and below, you may benefit from an underquilt especially if you get cold easily.  However, if the sleeping bag or hammock you are using doesn’t have any insulation, an underquilt is necessary to stay warm.


Many hammock campers prefer to sleep with an underquilt all year round, while others only find it critical to use during colder temperatures. Depending on your location and evening temperatures in the summer, you may be able to benefit from an underquilt.