What Are the Best Hammocks for College Students?

Written By Matthew Cordero

Hammocks are a fantastic way for college students to relax. They’re also the perfect way to get a few hours of studying in. But considering the small sizes of dorm rooms, how do you choose the best hammocks?

College students are recommended to use portable and lightweight hammock stands for their dorm room since these don't require drilling into walls. They should be able to fit into your dorm's open space. Hammock stands must also be foldable, compact, and can support your weight.

Read on below to learn more about choosing hammocks for college students.

How To Choose a Hammock for College Students

Whether in between classes or after a long day of studying, there’s no denying the comfort a hammock can provide college students. They can be significantly cozier than your dorm bed – ideal for studying, relaxing, or even taking naps.

However, given the limited space available in dorm rooms, the best solution is to use a portable hammock stand with a hammock. It doesn’t require hanging on anchor points or drilling into walls to support your weight. Hammock stands enable you to pull out the hammock when you want to use it, then easily fold it up for storage when it isn’t being used.

Below are helpful tips to help you choose a hammock stand for a dorm room:


Hammock stands should be foldable or collapsible. The ideal models are quick and easy to set up, as opposed to other stands that require you to bolt in hardware, taking too much out of a busy college student’s schedule.

Collapsible hammocks also let you put them away in storage when they aren’t in use. As a bonus, you can even take these hammock stands outside the campus for when you have short breaks, such as to the beach or park!


A hammock stand that weighs under 30 pounds is best for college students, though you can use the lightest possible stands you can find as long as it can hold your weight. Several materials are used for hammock stands though aluminum or metal stands are usually among the lightest.

Can Hold Your Weight

Always check the weight capacity of your hammock stand and its hammock before buying it. Using a hammock stand that cannot hold your weight will only result in you falling off, and it breaking. Hammocks and hammock stands can accommodate weights of 300 pounds and up, so be sure to use one with a 100-pound allowance from your actual weight for peace of mind.

Compact Dimensions

Before you buy a hammock stand, measure the dimensions of your available space in the dorm room. The hammock stand should have adequate space, with room for the hammock a little to swing from side to side. Hammock stands are usually around 9 to 15 feet long, so always go with one that can fit your space.

What You’ll Need

A reliable measuring tape will help you accurately measure the open space for a hammock stand. Below are recommendations from Amazon (note: we earn a small commission if you decide to purchase any of them):

-   Measuring tape to accurately measure the available space for your hammock stand


Use the measuring tape to get the length and width of the floor space available in your dorm room. Allocate around 18 inches from the floor, which is the recommended hammock height when it’s hung up on the stand.

Our Recommendations

Looking for hammock stands for college students can be daunting, but below are some recommendations from Amazon:

-   Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand: A favorite among campers and college students alike, the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock has a portable space-saving stand that’s as versatile as it is functional. The adjustable hammock hooks let you decide how low or high you want to hang, and you can assemble it within minutes – no need for any complicated tools!

-   Tranquillo Universal Collapsible Hammock Stand: Dorm life is made easy with this easy-to-assemble, free-standing hammock. The adjustable notch feature allows you to use it with varying heights for comfort, and catering to your space. The hammock itself is a cozy, breathable, and expandable. Pack it up with ease: just store it in the carry bag provided. 


Hammocks with a hammock stand are the most convenient way college students can unwind in dorm rooms. By carefully choosing a stand with the right size and features, you can enjoy the hammock life without even leaving campus.