Can You Hang a Hammock in an Apartment?

Written By Matthew Cordero

Hammocks are typically used outdoors. Since not everyone has the outdoor space for a hammock, some people wonder if it can be used in an apartment.

There are options possible for hanging a hammock in an apartment. If your lease allows you to put holes in the walls or ceiling, then you can hang a hammock from these points. Alternatively, you can use a hammock stand or hammock chair which doesn’t require you to drill holes.  

hammock in an apartment

Even if you have a small apartment, there are ways you can use an indoor hammock. Learn more by reading below.

How Can You Hang a Hammock in an Apartment

There are four ways you can hang a hammock in an apartment, given that you have the space to do so. Before you drill holes, be sure that you have asked for permission from your landlord if you are renting, since hanging a hammock will require drilling studs and anchors into the ceiling and wall. Not all landlords will allow these changes.

From The Wall/Ceiling

If you decide to go with the wall or ceiling option, choose the right location within the hammock. Each side of the hammock should have adequate space that allows you to swing freely without hitting a wall or furniture.

Should you have a choice to go with either wall or ceiling, you may want to consider hanging a hammock from the wall instead since it gives you more control in adjusting the curve and height of the hammock whereas hanging it from a ceiling only lets you control its height.

What You’ll Need

The materials needed to hang a hammock in your apartment are simple and affordable – you might even have them lying around your home already. In case you don’t have any of them nor a hammock just yet, here are recommendations that you can find on Amazon:

-   A hammock chain or rope is durable enough to hang a hammock indoors. Below are recommendations from Amazon that will work perfectly for hanging a hammock in an apartment:

-   ½ inch eyebolts serve as the main connector between the chain or rope and the wall or ceiling. Here are sturdy eye bolts that you can find on Amazon:

-   A drill will be necessary to make holes in the wall or ceiling of your apartment. Amazon has useful handheld drills, such as these models below:

-   Studfinders are useful in locating the studs on the ceiling or wall where the hammocks will be anchored. Amazon has some great studfinder choices below:

-   Indoor hammocks designed for hanging in an apartment are ideal as opposed to camping hammocks. These are made with the right materials for apartment use. In case you don’t have one yet, you may want to see these recommendations from Amazon: 


Here’s what you’ll need to do to install a hammock on your wall or ceiling. Before drilling holes from your ceiling, calculate the space needed by your hammock. Generally speaking, 10 to 15 feet of space between eye bolts should be adequate. Don’t fret if you are unable to drill holes in your apartment because your landlord didn’t allow it, because alternative methods will be discussed below.

  1. Use the studfinder to locate the studs in either the wall or ceiling. If you can locate corner studs, these are the most durable for hanging a hammock in your apartment. Make sure that the holes you drill are as close to the middle of the studs as possible.
  2. Screw an eye bolt into each hole.
  3. Loop them around the hammock ends, then tie each end of the hammock with a chain (or thick rope). Using an angle of 30 degrees to suspend the hammock is recommended.

Here's a helpful tutorial video if you'd like to see the process in detail.

Drill-Free Hammock Hanging

For those who can’t drill holes in apartments, the best alternative is to use hammock stands. There are several models to choose from, made from wood, steel, or other materials. Simply set them up following the manufacturer’s recommendations and hang the hammock wherever you please within your apartment.

Depending on the hammock stand you get, you may also enjoy the benefit of being able to move it around. Hammock chairs are a space-saving alternative too; they are lightweight, compact, and portable.

Here are some popular stands and chairs that are available on Amazon:

With these choices, hanging a hammock from any apartment is a possibility you can now enjoy.


Even if you don’t have an outdoor space, there are ways you can hang a hammock in your apartment. With these tips, you can look forward to lounging and relaxing indoors.