Keep your feet dry and comfy while you kick back at your desk.
Get cozy with delightful, durable fleece.
Drop your feet into a fluffy fleece pool of adjustable, heated goodness.

Bring Comfort to your Desk with The Foot Hammock

The Foot Hammock enables you to make the time you spend at your desk a time to look forward to. Wrap your feet in a suspended cocoon of mesh, fleece or heated fleece to get through the daily grind in comfort. Choose your favorite color to bring some style to your desk. With strong adhesive hooks and an adjustable strap system, The Foot Hammock can make any work space comfortable.


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Each Foot Hammock is made of soft, breathable mesh or cozy, warm fleece. The middle of The Foot Hammock is designed to form around your feet while the elastic structure of The Foot Hammock offers comfortable support.



The Foot Hammock works on almost any desk. Patented adhesive secures the Foot Hammock hooks to practically any surface. Wood screws are also provided in each package as backup.



The Foot Hammock's simple, innovative strap system allows you to rest your feet right where you want them. Loosen the straps to swing your feet near the ground or give the straps a pull to assume a reclined position.